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Candle Lantern - Unique Custom handmade Wedding and Events Decor - Table Centerpiece - Lime
Candle Lanterns - Unique Custom handmade Wedding and Events Decor - Table Centerpiece & Gifts


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These lanterns truly pack a punch when it comes to glowing power. Customers have said that the glow from these lanterns are beautiful and that they would like to hug these lanterns (don't do that!)


Small: 6.7 in (Dia) x 4.1 in (Ht)

Medium: 8.3 in (Dia) x 5.9 in (Ht)

Large: 9.4 in (Dia) x 7 in (Ht)

X Large: 10.6 in (Dia) x 7.4 in(Ht)

* The lantern shown in the photos is size: Small

These lanterns come to life and glow beautifully when a lit tealight or votive candle is placed inside the lantern.

These lanterns can turn any event into a memorable one. Use it as a table centerpiece, turn dinners into a special event, create mesmerizing outdoor areas, create relaxing spa experiences, light up your pathways and much more.

The lantern is made with a special combination of wax which does NOT melt from the heat of the tealight, so you can reuse the lanterns as long as you want. Please follow the provided instructions to prevent any melting or damage to the lantern.

We strive to achieve the same design patterns on the lanterns as shown in the photos. However, when dealing with wax, there is always some uniqueness to the final designs that emerge. We thoroughly embrace these imperfections (pores and lines) and that's what makes each of our lanterns different and one of a kind.

All our lanterns are individually handmade in Toronto, Canada.

Enjoy the glow!

Includes: 1 Wax lantern, 1 candle, stones for candle to rest on, cloth bag, information card.