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About Us

Candle Lanterns - Unique Custom handmade Wedding and Events Decor
Rajiv Anbazhagan is the artist behind Lumino Candles. He lives in Toronto, Ontario and every lantern & candle featured here has been passionately hand crafted by him.
Life and work have taken him to several beautiful countries and lanterns & candles from the local artisan markets have always filled his home. He has been fascinated by the magic a candle glow brings to the surrounds and the uniqueness they have to the art of the region.
The idea behind Lumino Candles is to combine his love for candles and hand made art with the beauty of his travel experiences. Every creation that is designed has a travel inspiration behind it and is a humble effort to recreate and share a treasured moment in time.
He hopes that his lanterns & candles will add color and happiness to any life occasion, be it a wedding or a simple evening dinner that you decide to use them for.